About Us

http://eppley.org/certificate/?cheap=generic-viagra-capsules go here On 1st June 1987 Dive Master Insurance Consultants commenced its business as an independent insurance provider to recreational divers in the UK . Early on we innovated many new insurance products for the developing recreational sports diver market and the associated dive trade.


http://eppley.org/certificate/?cheap=peruvian-viagra-frog-juice liquid cialis research peruvian viagra frog juice The company has grown over the years and its account now comprises a predominantly EU bias but also extends to the Red Sea, Australasia, Southeast Asia and Mexico . We maintain our independence by not only providing dive associations with products, but also a similar range of non association backed insurance products to meet the diverse professional application of scuba diving.

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http://eppley.org/certificate/?cheap=can-you-buy-viagra-on-line http://eppley.org/certificate/?cheap=can-you-buy-viagra-on-line We also provide insurance to recreational dive professionals, underwater film and media, and underwater scientific projects. Many of the underwater scenes you see on TV, web based media or films are insured through us as well as various underwater scientific projects that include archaeology, biodiversity and other ocean sciences. We routinely provide insurance packages tailored to these unique projects at a cost effective price which makes the projects viable.

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http://eppley.org/certificate/?cheap=low-price-cialis direct link In some regions of the world the company has diversified into providing insurance in areas of commercial diving activities and we are focused on expanding these as the international demand increases.

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http://eppley.org/certificate/?cheap=levitra-clinical-trials However, recreational diving remains at the core of our business activities and we are probably the largest independent provider of recreational dive related insurance in the world. Our status as an Approved Cover Holder at Lloyd’s enables us to bind specialist risks responding quickly to the professional demands and needs of our diverse client base.

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http://eppley.org/certificate/?cheap=buy-viagra-online-350 Our business is built on our reputation for reliability and integrity; we are the partner the dive trade relies on and our brand is respected by sports divers worldwide. All of us at Dive Master wish you safe and happy diving!

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