Notification of Claim for Scuba Medic Policies FORM NOC1
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Patient Information
Patient Name Age
Telephone Email 
Incident Date
Dive Centre / Resort
Divers Certification / Qualification
Total number of dives since certifying
DIN/NIF or Passport Number Insurance Policy ID
Treatment Facility
Name Physician

Initial Symptoms, Condition

Muscular Weakness Paraesthesia upper limbs Paraesthesia lower limbs Visual Troubles Auditory troubles
Sphincter troubles Cerebral signs Cardio-respiratory arrest Breath hold accident Near drowning
Pain Cutaneous signs Trauma Marine life injury Vertigo
Cardiovascular signs Metabolic signs Confused Fatigue/Malaise Extreme fatigue
Unconscious Conscious Semi-conscious Worsening Spontaneous healing
Stable Itching Respiratory troubles Paralysis upper limbs Paralysis lower limbs
Details of Dive
Max Depth Total Dive Time
Deco stops omitted First dive of day Repetitive Dive Multiday diving Rapid ascent
Table diving Panic Pre/Post dive stress Alcohol intake pre-dive Computer diving
Technical diving Equipment Failure Flying after diving Air diving Nitrox diving
Trimix Novice Diver Experienced diver Try dive/Discover SCUBA Instructor / guide
Treatment Plan
Oxygen First Aid   Oxygen During Transport
Patient on arrival at treatment
Initial hyperbaric therapy
Result after Initial hyperbaric Treatment

Final Diagnosis
Initial Medical Report Follow up medical report
Post chamber treatment report Copy of Patients Policy certificate
GOP Required
Estimate Cost