How Technology is Changing Scuba Diving

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Diving has changed dramatically over the years. From the days of the humble diving bell through to the more recent use of Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, the act has evolved to the point where it is now available to a wide range of people. As gear becomes smaller and easier to carry and as technological advancements make it safer and less troublesome to head out into an underwater paradise, more and more people are giving it a go.

However, the modern SCUBA kit may itself be evolving as new equipment and apparatus hits the market. Not only will this new generation of  gear make it more comfortable for individuals to dive, but many new developments in equipment, such as Wifi-enabled dive computers, will help undersea explorers safely map out their direction and control their speed of descent.


The opportunities afforded to those venturing under the sea are innumerable. Whether they wish to get up close to unique and awe-inspiring wildlife or simply want to challenge themselves to try something new, there is something different to be enjoyed every time individuals take to the sea – and those taking to the water are often hooked.

Brand new technology is now making diving appealing to a much wider range of people. While air tanks are here for the long haul, the way breathing gas is made available is starting to change with updated versions of face masks set to replace traditional regulators and hoses. Not only will these offer a great deal more freedom, but they will make it easier for people to breathe while offering a great deal of extra comfort in the process. The same gear will also ensure that individuals can communicate more easily, both with those above the water and with those they are diving with.

Staying dry

The new gear currently being produced is not confined to breathing apparatus. Dry suits are now being designed with revolutionary materials that are simultaneously robust and lightweight, providing improved flexibility, safety and warmth while deep sea diving.

New cameras are also making it easier for individuals to share their experiences with others. This technology alone is helping to revolutionise SCUBA diving as individuals post their videos online and share them with family and friends. In turn, interest in the pursuit is growing all the time as more people truly realise the potential offered to those entering these submarine wonderlands.

No matter how technology changes SCUBA diving in the future, knowing where to dive and how to dive safely will remain vital, and the steps to stay safe are unlikely to change. Furthermore, the right insurance will always be a necessity, no matter how much easier and more comfortable new additions to the diver’s toolkit make the process. At Dive Master Insurance, we have a range of policies to suit your diving trip, no matter whether you are taking to the water with traditional gear or with the very latest technology.

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