In order that we can indicate a Target Premium to you without the need to complete a full proposal form at this stage, could you please take a few minutes to complete the following questions:
Name of Dive Centre
Number / Street Post code
Town / County Country
Contact name Surname
Telephone Fax
Locations where you do business:

Example: Dive Store located at Birmingham but exporting diving equipment world wide. Diver Training World Wide including the USA and Canada.

Nature of business:

Example: Dive Store/School, teaching recreational sport diving, including supervision, tuition and training. Providing Goods, Services and Products.

Previous claims history:

Example: You should include any employer’s liability claims as well as any public or product claims.

Please provide a breakdown of turnover
Dive training £
Retail sales/servicing £
Other income £
Specification of other income
Is the Centre owned by a USA company? Yes No
Are you currently a member of SITA? Yes No
Total annual turnover £
Number of employees  
Annual wage roll £

Third Party cover required £ 2 Million   5 Million
Employers Liability required £ 5 Million 10 Million
Product Liability required £ 2 Million   5 Million
Current Premium £

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