Inshore Commercial Diving Liability Insurance

Are you a UK based Commercial Diving Operator or perhaps a recreational dive operator looking to expand into works within the UK Inshore Diving Approved Code of Practice (ACoP)?

Dive Master Insurance can provide Public Liability, Products Liability and Employers Liability for these works. We can also provide cover for UK diving businesses works within the Film & Media ACOP, Scientific and Archaeological ACoP and Recreational ACoP either as an extension of this product or as a package with our dive school INDIGO product.


Our UK Inshore Commercial Diving Liability Insurance will cover all works undertaken within the Inshore ACOP. This includes but is not limited to the following.

  • Underwater Inspections
  • NDT Testing
  • Placement and removals of buoy systems
  • Moorings and anchors
  • Underwater grouting and concrete base construction
  • Underwater block and rock laying and removal
  • Underwater fabrication and dismantling
  • Shuttering, welding/cutting
  • Cutting using engineered explosives for precision cutting
  • Flanging
  • Underwater diver operated dredge
  • Pressure washing and diver operated hull cleaning equipment
  • Underwater repairs and maintenance on fixed or floating structures and vessels
  • Propeller clearances
  •  Underwater laying and removal and maintenance and repairs of cables chains, water and waste water pipelines
  • Swimming Pool Repair
  • Diving for Golf Balls

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