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IDEC (Dive Accident Cover)

IDEC International Diving Emergency Cover. Personal Accident insurance for Divers.

Trip Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance designed to cover a single trip (includes an IDEC policy)

Annual Multi Trip Insurance

Travel Insurance designed to cover multiple trips throughout the year (includes an IDEC Policy)

Dive Equipment Insurance

Our Specialist Equipment Policy is an annual policy designed to cover your Dive, Camera & Rebreather Equipment for risks such as loss and damage including unexplained flooding.

Pro Diver Liability

Liability insurance for instructing, supervising and guiding to all the recreational Certifying Associations training programs on an annual basis.

Sport Diver Liability

Public Liability cover for recreational divers of any certifying association, on an annual basis.

Worldwide Diver Insurance

Extended stay Travel insurance designed to cover single trips from six months to a year.


ScubaPro is our combined personal accident and Liability policy for Divers. A combination of our IDEC & Pro Diver Liability Policy.

INDIGO (Dive Trade Insurance)

Dive Trade Liability Policy designed to cover schools, centers and shops.