Trip Travel FAQs

cheap man viagra Q Am I covered for Terrorism? enter site A In this increasingly complicated world where events occur instantly and political situations can change rapidly, our Travel Insurance Policy covers Terrorism Risks. viagra for women on anti-depressants Q My Doctor says that although I am still fit to travel, I am not fit to dive on my liveaboard holiday. Am I covered to cancel my holiday? by viagra in uk A Our Trip Travel Insurance policy pays you for cancelling your diving vacation if you are medically unfit to dive, despite being still actually fit to travel. Other travel insurance policies may only pay if you are medically unfit to travel. follow link Q Is there any cover for my dive equipment whilst I am travelling?

canadian viagra safety viagra teenager cialis providers viagra barata A We provide cover for dive equipment that is lost or damaged whilst in use, if stolen from securely locked hotel accommodation, and whilst in transit with an Airline, Shipper or other Carrier subject to the maximum item limit of £400 or £2,500 in total. Other travel insurance policies may not cover dive equipment at all. Q If my luggage containing my dive equipment is lost on the outward journey to my resort, am I covered to hire any dive equipment? click here A We provide cover for the hire of dive equipment of up to £300 if your luggage is temporarily lost on the outward journey to resort. Other travel insurance policies may not cover this risk. go to website viagra suppliers database Q What is the situation if I do not book with a Tour Operator, and instead book my travel, accommodation and dive package independently. Am I covered if my booking fails? follow link click here A Unfortunately we cannot provide coverage for independently booked trips under the Trip Travel insurance, but we confirm that this risk may be covered under our Annual Multi Trip Travel policy by selecting the INDEPENDENT TRAVELLER COVER Optional add-on and paying the additional premium

priligy viagra increase effectiveness of cialis viagra online shop in uk Q My partner does not dive, but will they be covered to Snorkel under the Trip Travel Insurance? A Snorkelling is an activity that we automatically cover under the Trip Travel Insurance. Please refer to ACTIVITIES AND SPORTS THAT ARE COVERED BY YOUR POLICY section of the Policy Wording document. website vega generic viagra Q If I am abroad and require emergency assistance ­ who should I contact?

canadian viagra pharmacy discount priced viagra A ONE ASSIST are the appointed emergency assistance company under the Trip Travel insurance policy and can be contacted on +44 (0) 1992 444 337 (collect call if necessary), quoting an ID reference of “347311” and your certificate number.