I have been with Dive Master Insurance for a long time now, right from the first Full Circle Expedition all those years ago. It is wonderful to pick up the phone and speak to someone who understands diving, who appreciates how important my equipment is to me, and acknowledges the unique demands of travelling with dive equipment. I have found them to be consistently efficient, straight forward, and a delight to deal with – and that is after a decade of expeditions and incidents. In this world of increasingly exotic dive travel, it is reassuring indeed to know my equipment is so comprehensively covered.
Monty Halls www.montyhalls.co.uk



Coral Cay have happily used Dive Master Insurance for years now and I have always been thoroughly satisfied with their level of professionalism and reliability. I would highly recommend Dive Master Insurance to all – whatever your need they will deliver without fail every time! Thanks for everything over the years and keep up the good work.
Peter Raines www.coralcay.org




Dive Master Insurance has allowed me to bring the underwater world to the general public through my pictures and stories that appear in Diver magazine. For that I thank them. Their staff are friendly, polite and the policies are just what I need.
Gavin Parsons – Diving Photojournalist, Dorset





I’ve used Divemaster Insurance over the past five years and their professionalism and helpfulness is second-to-none. They’ve always been on hand through injury or airline problems to assist me immediately. I’d recommend them highly to anyone whether a keen amateur or professional.
Maria Munn, Oceanvisions, Kent

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