Q: How long has Dive Master been selling insurance to divers?

A: Since 1987, we have over twenty years specialist experience.

Q: What is so different about IDEC compared to SCUBA Travel Insurance?

A: IDEC is not Travel Insurance it’s a tried and tested Diver Accident Insurance that has responded to many high profile diver accidents, here are three examples:


1994 – a rookie Dive Instructor developed CAGE on a long haul flight and the 747 was put down on an Indonesian Island where the Instructor was taken off. The injury was so severe that an Air Evacuation of 3760 Kilometres was arranged to a treatment centre in Australia where the rookie Instructor stayed for six weeks.


November 1999 – an experienced nitrox diver in the Turks and Cacos Islands became paraplegic after a dive. Hyperbaric treatment resolved her immediate symptoms but when she flew short haul to Miami on her return to Europe she again became ill. An imbedded cerebral injury that was pressure sensitive was diagnosed which meant she could not fly on commercial flights. A surface repatriation overland and by ship of 8128 kilometres was arranged to get her home; she eventually arrived home in March 2000.


2003- an experienced BSAC Advanced Diver sustained an uncontrolled buoyant ascent from a deep UK dive. Paralysed from the waist down IDEC provided useful benefits to pay for his private treatment and further medical assessments. With grit and determination and the IDEC benefits he regained mobility.

In these cases and many more our Specialist Staff dealt with these claims efficiently and sensitively. Dive Master Insurance Consultants Ltd has a 20 year Proven Track Record and a First Class Reputation.

Q: Why are IDEC’s monetary benefits less than Travel Insurance benefits?

A: Travel Insurance has bigger monetary benefits but these sums are rarely fully exposed because Travel Insurance stops when you arrive home, but IDEC continues the benefit until your injury is resolved or your injury symptoms plateau, so unlike any scuba travel insurance IDEC monetary benefits are ‘fully exposed’ and are realistic benefits that have never been exceeded in past diving accident cases!

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