Pro Diver Liability

We guarantee to beat any like for like specialist Dive Professional Liability Insurance quote by 10%! 

Our Dive Master insurance covers you for instructing, supervising and guiding to all the recreational Certifying Associations training programmes on an annual worldwide* basis, with the benefit of no common renewal date.
This policy covers:Dive Students Receiving Tuition From A Professional Dive Instructor

This policy covers:

  • Recreational Snorkelling
  • Free Diving, Recreational Diving
  • Participating Underwater Scientific and Archaeological projects*
  • Participating in Underwater Film & Media projects*
  • Any First Aid required as a result of these activities.

Main points of coverage

  • This policy protects your civil liability if you are sued by a member of the public, a client or student, or your dive buddy.
  • Criminal Defence costs included.
  • This policy covers your legal liability arising from any bodily injury or damage caused as the result of you providing diving equipment to your clients or students.
  • This policy cover extends to your Principals if they are joined in a suit against you as a result of your actions. Principals can be Hotels, Schools, Tour Operators, Local Authorities or any one providing you with clients.

Full diving insurance policy details can be found in the policy wording and keys facts.


  • Pro Diver provides indemnity to the individual instructor named on the policy and will not provide cover for liability attaching to a Company, Trading Style or Entity. To cover a Company, Trading Style or Entity please consider our INDIGO cover.
  • This policy does not include coverage for the USA, Canada, their territories or possessions and is not available to citizens of these territories.
  • *Cover is as an individual participating in these projects subject to declared and agreed standards and practices being followed. This policy will not cover you as the project manager/supervisor or as a business, for this cover please consider our Dive Trade Liability product.

We recommend a limit of £3 Million or higher as this is required by various certifying associations & authoritative bodies.

All Pro Diver policies are now issued with the following Coronavirus Exclusion.


Your Qualification: £1 Million Limit Of Liability £3 Million Limit Of Liability £5 Million Limit Of Liability
Assistant Instructor
Dive Guide
Country of Residence
Promotional Code
*Terms & Conditions of this offer:    
  • This price guarantee is subject to Dive Master’s normal underwriting criteria
  • Proof of competing quote is required before the guarantee can be applied.
  •  Your competing quote must provide cover on an equivalent basis to include but not limited to :  coverage on a claims occurring basis, multi-agency cover and costs and expenses payable in addition to the limit of indemnity.
  • This guarantee does not affect your legal rights.
  • This price guarantee is available for a limited period only.
  • Dive Master will not return any documentation received in conjunction with this offer.

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