Brexit and Dive Master Insurance Travel Insurance Advice

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Brexit and Dive Master Insurance Travel Insurance Advice

The primary role of travel insurance is to provide emergency medical care, cover for the cancellation and delays and baggage theft, damage and delays for people travelling overseas arising from the contingencies listed in the policy wording. These contracted conditions and benefits of our policy with you will remain unaltered.

In the event of travel disruption caused by Brexit the primary responsibility for offering travellers alternative transport or refunds rests with the airlines and travel companies who have taken customers’ money. You can find Brexit advice for travellers from ABTA here

The Government has also provided passport rules for travel to Europe after Brexit, you can view these  here. When travelling to the EU post Brexit you need to ensure you have a valid passport and this may include ensuring the passport has a minimum of 6 months left till expiry from date arriving at destination.

During disruption, consumers may be able to make insurance claims for losses they can’t recover elsewhere, such as for unused accommodation or excursions, but people will need to have purchased the “Travel Disruption and Independent Itinerary Failure” these additional policy benefits and coverage are subject to the policy terms, conditions and exclusions.