Covering Your Diving Equipment

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At Dive Master Insurance we offer a range of diving equipment insurance which can be great value for both individuals and for the dive trade. This means that sports divers,clubs, professional dive businesses and instructors can have peace of mind that their valuable diving equipment is covered for theft, loss and accidental damage. People often think their dive kit is covered under their home or travel insurance but often this is not the case or exclusions often apply such as no cover for your equipment whilst in use. Whether you dive regularly or even infrequently, our diving equipment insurance will provide you with exceptional cover that will give you significant peace of mind.
We have a wide ranging dive kit insurance plan that offers extensive coverage for both professional and recreational divers alike for equipment including Rebreathers and DPVs. It will cover all of your insured dive gear as well as those all-important underwater cameras and videos, which can be very expensive to replace. It may well be that water damage occurs to electronics with no visible reason why and many insurers may not provide coverage for unexplained flooding. For us, we can accept that these things do happen and our policy includes coverage for damage to cameras and videos caused by unexplained flooding. Each piece of equipment will be replaced new for old so long as the replacement cost is insured.

With the price of diving equipment being so high, it is also at risk when you are not even in the water. There are instances where equipment has been stolen from vehicles during the dive trip itself, which can be devastating to those who own it. We can offer cover in this instance as well accidental loss. This includes times when the item isn’t attached to you, which is another area that some other scuba insurance companies simply won’t cover.


We offer our coverage to divers around the world, all year round. No matter when or where you are diving, we can offer cover. Of course, divers do naturally take care of their kit which is as essential to them as skis are to a skier and this could manifest in a No Claims Discount from between 5% to 20% a year. This is a huge reward for care and attentiveness when beneath the waves.

It must be noted that underwater cameras and other sporting equipment is counted as an add on to the basic policy. Cover is provided on the same basis as for your normal diving equipment, again on a new for old basis providing the replacement cost is insured. The equipment is rated based on the replacement value provided and other Sports equipment is calculated in the same way, allowing you to take as much kit as you require in order to make the most of the diving experience. This is naturally a great bonus for those businesses who have a lot of equipment that must be monitored and maintained all of the time. With safety being at the top of the agenda, trustworthy equipment is a must.

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