Dive Master Travel Insurance is Back!

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Our Travel Insurance product has now been reviewed and updated following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unlike some insurers who continue to sell with a wholesale COVID-19 exclusion our policy now includes coverage for some COVID-19 related risks, as well as additional clarification for consumers in respect of the COVID-19 risks we can’t cover.

COVID-19 Risks we cover include:

  • You test positive for COVID-19 and have to cancel your holiday.
  • You test positive for COVID-19 and require hospital treatment whilst on holiday.
  • You test positive for COVID-19 and need to cut short your holiday or require repatriation to the UK.

COVID-19 Risks we can not cover include:

  • A non-insured person (e.g. a relative, friend or business partner) tests positive for COVID-19 and you want to cancel your holiday
  • The FCO changes its advice in relation to the country you are travelling to because of COVID-19 or another pandemic and you can’t now travel. You should inquire with your tour operator or provider as to how they would deal with this scenario. Usually regulations would require a refund or alternative is provided.
  • You are required to self-isolate in your holiday accommodation for all or part of your holiday.

You can find more examples and additional information by reviewing our COVID-19 coverage summary grid here and most importantly full policy details can be found in the policy wording and Insurance Product Information Document (IPID) on our website.