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If you are new to Dive Master Insurance, we realise that the list of Products that we offer may appear to daunting. We

Travel Insurance for Divers and their Families.

One of the first tourist scuba divers Hans Hass, in his book Under the Red Sea charts his trip from a post war-torn Europe to what was a stunning and pristine marine environment in the southern Red Sea.

Hass‘s book is also an account of his travels and the difficulties he faced getting there and the passing of the British Empire’s influence in the region. Although like most travellers, he needed some help to source local services and found the local British officials very helpful. In his case it was to find the supplies of oxygen to refill his early Dragger submarine escape rebreather he used for his diving.

Under the Red Sea, is still a relevant diving account and worth a read on a long flight.

Diving and international travel has changed dramatically since Hass’ early diving expeditions; however there remains the excitement and essence of travel, particularly travel with a purpose to explore alien, beautiful and in some cases fast disappearing habitats.

At Dive Master Insurance we have 25 years’ experience in developing our Travel Insurance for divers in a way that is unique to no other you can buy:

We also provide the diving accident and diving medical costs risk in an add on policy called IDEC;

International Diving Emergency Cover

This bespoke insurance unique to Dive Master Insurance covers your personal diving accident risk, but unlike any other Travel Insurance that includes the scuba diving risk IDEC provides the specialist back up needed to resolve the most difficult diving cases, and provide unique after the accident benefits when you have returned home. NO other Scuba Diving Travel Insurance provides similar cover!

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But in addition to the diver cover our Travel Insurance specifically designed for the travel risks associated with a dive trip includes these special features:

  • Flexibility to buy IDEC and Travel Insurance together
  • We pay Cancelation for you being unfit to dive (rather than unfit to travel) even though you may still be fit to travel
  • Loss of Diving Activity days due to illness
  • A benefit to get you to your dive destination if you miss your flight
  • A choice of Diver Travel Insurance to meet all needs.
  • An Independent Traveller option if you arrange your own flights, accommodation and diving
  • A range of Travel Insurance plans to suit all pockets
  • A reputation second to none in the provision of Diver Travel insurance.

You won’t find a better product on the market today that will protect you for all your diving activities

Annual Multitrip Cover

If you and/or your family take more than one holiday a year, you could save both time and money with an annual multi trip diving and travel policy.
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Trip Travel & IDEC Insurance

Our Cover is not just “Standard” Travel Insurance, but a specially adapted Travel Insurance Policy for divers travelling the world when combined with our IDEC Diving Accident Cover.
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Worldwide Diver Insurance

The Worldwide Diver policy is an “Extended Stay” Travel Insurance policy that includes an International Diving Emergency Card (IDEC). It is an ideal policy for gap year students who may engage in scuba diving, and divers who will be travelling continuously for periods of 6 to 12 months.
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