Great scuba diving to be had in Cyprus

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When people think of the world’s best scuba diving sites, pill locations like the Indian Ocean, the South Pacific or the Red Sea tend to spring to mind. However, it’s well worth considering a trip to Cyprus to explore the oceans around this eastern Mediterranean island.

Of course, before you embark on your trip, it’s important to get appropriate dive insurance to help protect your wellbeing, equipment and finances.

Exciting and alluring

One man who knows all about the attractions of scuba diving in Cyprus is Martin Evans. Writing in the Daily Telegraph, he noted that he enjoyed his trip to the island where he explored the ship wreck of the RS Zenobia. He pointed out that the vessel is longer than the average football stadium and, from certain angles, “it resembled a submerged tower block”. It sank in June 1980 just off the Cypriot coast taking its entire cargo, including over 100 lorries.

Describing the dive site he suggested it is “one of the most exciting and alluring shipwrecks in the world” and has helped to establish the island on the scuba diving map.

A few hours away

Commenting on the convenience of Cyprus, Mr Evans stated that while some people believe the best diving on the planet is only to be had in far-flung destinations, “Zenobia is proof there are plenty of accessible destinations a few hours from Britain”.

He pointed out that water temperatures remain above 25°C well into October, meaning Cyprus has a longer diving season than most of its competitors nearby. Also, the island benefits from clear seas and visibility of more than 30 metres is not uncommon. In addition, the seas are usually calm, meaning there is rarely any current for divers to contend with. For this reason, divers of all abilities should feel comfortable.


However, Mr Evans did concede that there is less marine life in the Mediterranean than in the Red Sea due to overfishing in the area. That said, a group of scuba diving associations in the region hope to improve this. They have begun a “bold initiative” to create five marine parks by sinking environmentally-friendly ships at strategic locations. They hope these vessels will provide a refuge for some of the sea life.

Also, the writer pointed out that at the eastern end of the island near to the resort of Protaras there are “stunning underwater caves with octopus, lobster and cuttlefish”, while in the south of Cyprus close to Paphos, there are dive sites with colourful reefs and sea life.

Preparation preparation preparation

The key to good diving holidays, wherever you decide to go, is preparation. For the most enjoyable experiences, it pays off to do your research and make sure you end up in the best spots. As part of your planning, it’s also important to take advantage of suitable diving holiday insurance.

Here at Dive Master we offer a range of policies and should have exactly what you’re after. Cyprus has reciprocal medical agreements with the UK and some good hyperbaric facilities in the two public hospitals. In the event of a diving accident or injury divers should contact either of the islands two hospitals for triage assessment at these hospitals but be careful if you do have an accident not to admit yourself into a private clinic for treatment as their costs may not be recoverable under the European EHIC system or through your travel insurance.

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