Making Sure You’re Covered on a Scuba Diving Trip

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Most people who go on holiday automatically purchase a travel insurance policy to cover them should something unfortunate happen. While travel insurance is always a holiday essential to cover the basic parts of your trip, if you’re planning on taking part in an activity such as scuba diving while you’re there, then you should also have specific scuba insurance to cover you too.

Some generic travel policies will actually state that they cover scuba diving, but the chances are that they may not provide a suitable level of cover in the event that something should go wrong. Travel insurance including scuba diving from non-specialist providers is usually fairly limited. Some common limitations include restrictions on how deep you can go, failing to provide cover if the main purpose of your trip is to go scuba diving or if you are taking part in technical diving.

Here at Dive Master we specialise in scuba diving travel insurance and have a wide range of policies to suit all needs. Specific scuba insurance will ensure that you have the right level of protection, including tailored accident cover, specialist and technical diving cover, and medical and emergency medical cover to pay for specific medical treatment that divers may find they need, such as hyperbaric treatment or treatment when they return home. Being able to travel but unfit to dive is a common occurrence many divers face, and specialist scuba insurance will also make sure that you are covered in this instance. We also have no depth restrictions, so you’ll always be covered, no matter where you choose to dive.

Our diving accident cover (IDEC) is designed with different diving needs in mind. We know that divers like to enjoy their scuba experience all over the world, and not just while they are on holiday. Consequently, our IDEC protection covers you both at home and abroad. It also ensures you get any necessary further or ongoing specialist treatment once you get back home, rather than stopping cover as soon as you’ve left the country you’re visiting.

Being injured or ill abroad can be a frightening and confusing experience. As well as having to face unfamiliar medical procedures and customs, there is also a chance that you won’t speak the language of the country. Our policies offer 24-hour multilingual emergency assistance, giving you one less thing to worry about.

It’s not just you that needs covering while you’re on a scuba diving trip either. Here at Dive Master, we also believe that we provide some of the best specialist equipment cover on the market. You’ll be covered for unexplained flooding, and our policy offers two great features that we think sets it apart from the rest – new for old cover and a no claims discount.

Take some time to browse our range of specialist policies and find the one that’s right for you.

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