New scuba attraction to be created in Dubai

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When you’re planning scuba diving holidays, you’re certainly not short of destinations. The world’s oceans contain a host of incredible dive sites ranging from wrecks to reefs, caves and caverns. Meanwhile, your list of options is about to increase.

It has been revealed that Dubai is to feature a new underwater development that visitors can explore by scuba diving and snorkelling.

A park to satisfy all

Set in the waters of The World Islands development off the coast of the emirate, the five-acre park is to be called The Pearl of Dubai and it has been modelled on the mythical lost city of Atlantis. Reef Worlds, the company behind the project, says its look has been inspired by the blockbuster Hollywood films Pirates of the Caribbean and Avatar.

The attraction is being promoted as the planet’s largest sustainable underwater tourism site and Reef Worlds hopes it will be a park where “everybody can be satisfied”.

Talking about his vision for the project, director of development for the firm David Taylor said: “Ideally, we would be looking for somebody to be able to walk down the sand and right into the structure.”

Putting Dubai on the scuba diving map

Mr Taylor also spoke of the company’s motivation for introducing a scuba site to Dubai. About this, he remarked: “The [United Arab Emirates] has a unique tourism problem that we address. When one considers Dubai and the region, scuba diving and underwater exploration is not on the Top Ten list, and yet it is almost everywhere else in the world.”

Create excitement

Mr Taylor clearly has high hopes for the venture and thinks it should cause a stir when it opens. Talking about this, he said: “We are at The World islands to create excitement underwater where it does not exist.”

He went on to note that his firm aims to create a habitat for marine life and to achieve a “sustainable win for everybody”.

Reef Worlds is using concrete structures designed to attract as much sea life as possible and the business hopes to create a living reef that will be appeal to divers and snorkellers. The materials used in the build are to be manufactured locally.

It is not yet known exactly when the attraction will be completed and opened up to the public, but it is understand that Reef Worlds has completed its design.

The importance of cover

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