Top diving locations

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Diving holidays can be amazing. Depending on where you go, you might be able to see some incredible underwater sights while also enjoying gorgeous weather.

However, to get the most from your adventures, it’s important to bear a few issues in mind. For example, it’s crucial that you have suitable diving insurance to help protect you and your finances. Here at Dive Master we offer a range of options and should have the ideal cover for you.

The perfect diving spots

Also, if you’re going to really enjoy your breaks away from home, you’ll have to select the best diving spots. Luckily, there’s plenty of advice and information available online. For example, the Times of India recently listed some of the world’s most appealing areas for scuba enthusiasts.

The Blue Hole

One of the areas it mentioned was the Blue Hole off the coast of Belize. It noted that recreational scuba divers are attracted to the underwater sinkhole because of its clear water and varied species of fish, including giant groupers, nurse sharks and reef sharks.

Great Barrier Reef

Unsurprisingly, it also pointed to the Great Barrier Reef off Australia’s coastline. This is the world’s longest reef and contains a multitude of marine life, including whales, dolphins and porpoises.

The publication remarked: “On your diving expedition you may get to meet dwarf minke whale, Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin and the humpback whale. Large populations of dugongs live there. Four hundred species of corals, both hard corals and soft corals are [also] found on the reef.”


Another superb destination for divers identified by the publication was Hawaii. It noted that the islands are “ringed with reefs and wildlife” and the area to the north has been made into the largest marine reserve in the United States, helping to ensure it will remain a great diving destination for years to come.

Costa Rica

If it’s “massive schools of fish” you want to see, perhaps Costa Rica would be the ideal destination.

Offering advice about the country, the newspaper said: “Start with the eagle rays at Punta Gorda and then venture off to Murcielagos Island and the Catalinas for a wealth of sea life. Here one gets the opportunity to see giant manta rays swimming alongside brightly coloured tropical fish and sharks and gorgeous coral reefs.”

The Red Sea

Another mecca for divers is the Red Sea in Egypt. This has an abundance of sea life that’s unique to the region, the article noted, adding that there are plenty of “divergent scuba experiences” to be had in this part of north Africa.

It went on to remark: “From Sharm El Sheikh to the wrecks at Sha’ab Abu Nuhas to the Thistlegorm and Ras Mohammed, you’ll find excellent diving all over the Red Sea.”

First on your to-do list

Once you’ve booked your destination of choice, it’s time to get down to the practicalities and first on your checklist might be travel insurance with scuba diving cover. To see your options, just take a look around our website.

We’re experts when it comes to diving holiday insurance and should have exactly what you’re after.

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