What makes Dive Master policies so special?

Our policies include the following benefits which many others may not
  • Diving accident insurance,(IDEC) that covers you at home and abroad and not just when you are “travelling”
  • Further treatment when you get back to your country of residence which is unique to IDEC
  • Search and Rescue costs
  • Hyperbaric treatment costs
  • Coverage for your cancellation if you are fit to travel but unfit to dive
  • 24 hour multilingual emergency assistance
  • Coverage available for business travel
  • Coverage available for independently booked trips.
  • Travel insurance that covers up to £3000 of dive equipment
  • No Depth Limits
  • Coverage for wreck diving, night diving and shark diving
  • Coverage for technical divers
  • Equipment cover for unexplained flooding
  • Equipment cover that provides new for old
  • No claims discount on your equipment insurance
  • Liability Insurance that can cover all training agencies
  • Cover available for working on underwater scientific & archaeological and film & media projects
  • Trade liability insurance that covers your centre and instructors under one policy


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