Choosing the right holiday insurance

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The process of booking holidays can be almost as fun as the trips themselves. There are so many fantastic destinations for you to choose from, and as soon as you’ve got your itinerary in place, you can start looking forward to your trip.

Amid the excitement of arranging vacations, it’s all too easy to overlook some of the more technical details of your trip. For example, your heart may not exactly skip a beat at mention of the word ‘insurance’. However, there’s no getting around the importance of selecting suitable financial cover for your trips away from home. Without the right policy in place, you can put your holiday, and more importantly your wellbeing and your finances, in danger.

Before you embark on any trip away from home, you should make sure you secure suitable insurance. After all, no matter how careful you are, there is always a risk that you’ll suffer an accident or injury while on your travels. Meanwhile, what if your luggage goes missing, you’re the victim of theft or your trip is cancelled last-minute? Without the right cover in place, you could find yourself in deep trouble.

Diving insurance

If you’re heading off on a diving holiday, bear in mind that you will need specialist cover. Although sinking beneath the waves to explore the oceans is an amazing experience, it’s not without its risks. Some standard insurance policies may not cover this activity.

When you’re choosing diving insurance, make sure it meets all your requirements. For example, your policy will need to cover you for the depths you plan to dive to. Also, you should check which items of equipment are covered and determine which medical services are incorporated into policies. For example, does the product include access to diving doctors?

Annual policies

If you’re planning only one diving vacation, then single-trip cover will suffice. However, if you intend to jet off multiple times over the coming months, then perhaps a multi-trip policy would be more cost-effective. Also, insurance that lasts for multiple holidays can save you hassle. You won’t need to shop around for new policies each time you book a trip.

Our annual policies could be just what you’re after. We offer this cover for individuals, couples and families and you can choose between standard and premium versions. Knowing that you have access to suitable insurance year-round can be a weight off your mind and it can give you a real sense of freedom. You will be able to go ahead and book breaks away from home without worrying about financial cover on every occasion.

Worldwide cover

Meanwhile, if you’re planning to travel continuously for periods of between six and 12 months, worldwide diver insurance policies may be best for you. Whether you’re taking a gap year before university or you simply fancy a break from your usual routine and want to explore the world and its oceans, these policies are well worth checking out.

Always read the small print

Regardless of the type of cover you’re after, it’s really important that you always read the small print. If you’re busy and under pressure to make your arrangements quickly, it can be tempting to look at the basic cost of policies and to skim read some of their detail. However, this can prove to be a costly mistake. It’s only by studying each clause with care that you can make sure you select the right financial product for you. This may seem like a bit of chore, but it will mean that when you set off on your diving adventures, you can benefit from complete peace of mind. 

Here at Dive Master Insurance, we pride ourselves on the quality of our cover and our experienced experts would be delighted to talk you through the insurance options available to you.

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