Scuba enthusiasts wed under the waves

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Many people love donning their scuba gear and sinking beneath the waves to explore the seas. However,  one couple from the US have taken their passion for diving a step further by getting married on the ocean floor.

Bill Frenier and Lizbeth Espejo Frenier decided to stage their nuptial ceremony in the Atlantic just off the coast of Fort Lauderdale in Florida. They invited a selection of family members and friends to join them for the unusual event.

The diving-mad duo had already tied the knot during a ceremony in Las Vegas last year, but many of their friends and family were unable to make it. They decided to stage another event so that more of their loved ones could be present. Commenting on their motivation for getting hitched in the sea Mrs Frenier said: “Since Bill and I are avid divers, and most of our friends are too, we thought it would be a great idea to do it all again underwater.”

She added: “All of the family and friends were super excited when I told them about the idea for the wedding, most thought it was such a unique concept and a great idea.”

A shore thing

The wedding was a so-called shore dive, meaning the guests were able to swim from the beach to the site of the ceremony. In total, 20 people attended the event and most were able to watch it fully submerged. They wore oxygen masks, goggles and wetsuits underneath their regular clothes.

Some of the less experienced divers decided to watch the wedding from surface with the aid of snorkel equipment.

The ceremony lasted for around 15 minutes and, after it was over, the wedding party headed back to shore to enjoy a barbeque on the beach.

A shared love

The couple met in Las Vegas six years ago and Lizbeth moved from her native California to live with Bill in Florida. While there, she picked up his love of scuba diving. About this, she remarked: “Bill has dived for over 20 years. He had a great idea that I sign up for a dive class with him accompanying me for support.”

Meanwhile, highlighting the unpredictable nature of the seas, the pair revealed that they had been forced to postpone the original date for their underwater wedding due to choppy seas. However, on the second attempt, the waters were calm and they were able to achieve their goal.

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