Diving holiday insurance vs. travel insurance

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If you’re planning your next scuba diving holiday chances are you’re considering your insurance options too. Travel insurance is a prerequisite for anyone jetting off on their travels but it’s even more important if you’ll be participating in scuba diving or any other adventure sport.    However, more about don’t think a traditional policy will always be enough. Yes, a lot of travel insurance policies will include cover for scuba diving but this invariably won’t provide the necessary level of protection.  That means specialist diving holiday insurance should be your only option, but if you need a bit more convincing we thought we’d break down the two so you can see why going specialist is the only way.

Regular travel insurance

Traditional travel insurance policies will focus on the trip itself, usually including the likes of cancellation cover, medical expenses, baggage protection, holiday disruption, personal accident cover and cover for airspace or port closures. In terms of scuba diving you might find you’re able to include cover as an optional extra, with emergency medical cover and abandonment being key features. But the level of protection will invariably be limited—you might have depth restrictions, for example, and you might not be covered if you take part in technical diving or if your sole intention of the holiday was to dive. What’s the point in that?

Specialist scuba diving travel insurance

This type of cover has been specifically designed to meet the needs of scuba divers, and that means you’ll be getting a much more targeted level of protection. You’ll be able to benefit from the likes of tailored accident cover, search and rescue costs, treatment at home, hyperbaric treatment, liability cover, emergency assistance, cover for technical diving and specialist dives (wreck diving, night diving etc.) as well as cancellation cover in the event that you could travel but were unfit to dive. You’ll benefit from all the usual kinds of travel insurance features too and will often be able to incorporate the likes of equipment cover for the complete package, ensuring you’re ready for anything on your holiday.

Get the cover you need

As you can see, there’s really no alternative. By opting for specialist cover you’ll be benefit from features that you simply won’t get with traditional travel insurance policies—in short, you’ll be covered for the things that really matter when you’re on a scuba diving holiday. You won’t be subject to the same kinds of restrictions and can be safe in the knowledge that you’re ready for anything when you’re on your getaway, and that can make all the difference to the enjoyment of the holiday itself. So why go for anything less?

Here at Dive Master we realise the importance of being prepared, and that’s why we provide specialist dive insurance that we fully believe is the best on the market. We offer a fantastic range of features that other providers simply don’t offer, so make sure to get in touch to discuss your needs and you’ll soon realise that regular travel insurance should never be an option.

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