Important Aspects to Consider on your First Diving Holiday

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Going scuba diving in the ocean for the very first time is a great rush! Indeed, the thrill of being in another world,the beautiful stillness of ‘hovering’ underwater, and the awesome sensation of being up close and personal with some of the most beautiful creatures on the planet will make you feel more alive than you have done in ages.

However, if you are going scuba diving on holiday, there are a few aspects which you should consider before you get into the water for the first time. Below are some of the most important:

Make Sure you’re Fit Enough
It is sensible to get a medical examination done in your home country before you travel overseas as this will help to establish whether or not you are fit enough to dive.  You will be asked to sign a medical statement before learning to dive so it is in your interest to know exactly how fit and well you actually are. If you’re in relatively good shape and have no significant health concerns then you should have no problems.

Ensure you have Suitable Scuba Diving Insurance
Ensure you are covered for your diving activities by getting specialist diving travel insurance. This type of cover is specifically designed to meet the needs of scuba divers, therefore you can rest assured you will have a much more targeted level of protection. Indeed, these policies will enable you to benefit from the likes of tailored accident cover, search and rescue costs, treatment at home, hyperbaric treatment, liability cover, emergency assistance, cover for technical diving and specialist dives (wreck diving, night diving etc.), as well as cancellation cover in the event of you being unfit to dive yet able to travel.

Dive with a Well Established Diving School
If you’re going to a holiday location where diving schools abound, go online and find out which of the schools at your destination are the most well established.  The leading diving schools will have the best maintained scuba equipment and boats, as well as the most experienced and competent staff.

Always Listen to your Instructor
Once you’re finally at your destination and are on a course at a reputable dive school, make sure you listen to everything your instructor says. This may seem like a rather silly thing to say but you’d be surprised how many people create problems for themselves (and others) by simply not adhering to instructions. Your instructor will not be saying things to fill time – he or she is giving you the guidance you need to enjoy an amazing experience in a safe and secure fashion – so listen up!

So there you have it. Keeping the above aspects in mind will help to provide you with the peace of mind you need to really make the most of your amazing holiday beneath the waves!

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