Ready, set, scuba!

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Scuba diving offers an experience like nothing else. You’ll get to witness sights you’d never normally see, having a first-hand view of the sea life that lurks beneath the waves,but if you really want to make the most of your time in the water you need to be prepared. Whether you’re a novice about to embark on your first few lessons or are an old pro heading off on a scuba diving vacation there are a number of things you’ll need to bear in mind,and here are just a few points to remember so you’re ready for anything:

• Know what to expect. It’s important for novice divers to know what to expect before they get into the water, with a first dive often being as nerve-wracking as it is exciting. The first lesson will often be undertaken in a controlled setting, either in a pool or area of shallow water, and you’ll be taught how to use the various pieces of equipment such as the scuba regulator whilst learning basic hand signals, etc.

• Make sure you pack the right equipment. Divers that are more experienced could well have their own set of scuba gear, and it’s important to double-check that you’ve packed everything before you head to the beach. You’ll need to remember things like hoses and regulators, your scuba mask, fins and a weight belt and oxygen cylinder, and of course, you’ll need your wetsuit too. Every piece of equipment should be checked to make sure it’s in proper working order before the dive (or entire vacation) commences, always putting safety at the top of the agenda.

• Make sure you’re physically fit. Being safe underwater is as much about your physical health as anything else, so make sure you’re fit and healthy before you even contemplate a dive and always ensure you’re properly hydrated before you get in the water. You’ll want to learn basic first aid too, ensuring you’re ready for any emergency that could present itself.

• Invest in an underwater camera. You’ll witness spectacular sights when you’re underwater, so why not capture the moments? An underwater camera can create lasting memories that you can look back on in years to come, so never go for a dive without having your camera by your side.

Invest in scuba diving insurance. Insurance for scuba divers might not be first on your list of priorities, but if you want to be totally prepared you’d be wise to invest. There are plenty of different insurance products you’ll be able to choose from depending on your needs ranging from liability cover and equipment cover to diving instructor insurance, travel insurance and complete scuba packages, being particularly important if you’re a seasoned diver and regularly go on diving holidays.

These are just a few things you need to bear in mind to ensure you’re ready to make the most of the scuba diving experience, so always consider them before you head off and you’ll be all set for scuba in no time!

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