Why you need diving travel insurance

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There’s nothing quite like the thrill of scuba diving, and if you’re planning a diving holiday you’ve got so much to look forward to. But, to really make the most of it you need to be prepared, and that means investing in appropriate diving travel insurance is something that should never be overlooked.

What is this form of travel insurance?

This type of insurance has been specifically designed to cover scuba divers on holiday, offering the combination of travel insurance and diving insurance in one complete package. This type of insurance will generally include everything from diving accident cover to baggage cover, cancellation and even adverse weather conditions.

The importance of getting suitable cover

Investing in appropriate travel insurance may not be high on your list of priorities but fail to get it and you could suffer the consequences, and its importance can never be underestimated. At the most basic end of the scale you’ll need travel insurance for the usual reasons—to be covered in the event your trip is cancelled, your baggage doesn’t arrive or you fall ill, for example—whilst the addition of specific scuba cover means you’re ready to undertake the sport with the peace of mind necessary.

Scuba diving is often considered a fairly high-risk activity with its own set of dangers and hazards associated with it, and that’s why it’s so important to be prepared. If you’re involved in an accident or are injured as a result of the dive the costs could quickly mount up, particularly when you’re abroad, but with a suitable level of cover (which should include things like medical expenses, search and rescue and hyperbaric chamber treatment) you can be confident that you’re totally prepared.

Get the cover you need

Here at Dive Master Insurance we specialise in the scuba industry and pride ourselves on the range of policies we’re able to offer. Whether you’re after cover for a single trip, multi-trip insurance or extended stay we’ll be able to help, providing individual as well as group cover to ensure everyone in your party is suitably insured. You might even want to go on from that to include the likes of equipment cover and perhaps even life and critical illness cover depending on how seriously you dive (and how often you take such a holiday), thereby ensuring you’re ready for anything that could come your way.

Be prepared with the right insurance

So what are you waiting for? With the right diving holiday insurance by your side you can get off on your travels without a thing to worry about, so don’t even think about going on holiday without it—you really do need suitable cover if you want total peace of mind, so make sure to get in touch and you could soon have the cover you need to be ready for anything.

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