travel insurance including scuba diving

Making Sure You’re Covered on a Scuba Diving Trip

By adminz / April 12, 2013 /

Most people who go on holiday automatically purchase a travel insurance policy to cover them should something unfortunate happen. While travel insurance is always a holiday essential to cover the basic parts of your trip, if you’re planning on taking part in an activity such as scuba diving while you’re there, then you should also…

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What to look for in diving insurance

By adminz / February 9, 2013 /

As a diver, you need to put your safety first. Scuba diving is arguably a high-risk activity and that means it’s important to be prepared, and after you’ve invested in the necessary equipment and safety provisions there’s one more thing you need to consider—insurance. You might think this can go way down the list of…

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Tips for Safe Diving

By adminz / December 8, 2012 /

Whether you’re plunging the depths of the Pacific,the Mediterranean or the Red Sea, not to mention a string of other exotic locations, you’ll be making an amazing journey of discovery into an underwater realm that most people never get to experience. And with the right training and planning you should have the time of your…

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