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7-year-old Girl Proves Diving Is for All Ages

By adminz / September 21, 2013 /

There is always a balance for parents to strike when it comes to protecting their children and letting them discover their own independence. Many adults think that diving is not a sport for kids and prefer to get diving travel insurance for trips without children. Whilst there are understandable age restrictions on diving in some…

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Prepare for the Worst with the Right Insurance

By adminz / July 23, 2013 /

Diving is a fun sport, but it can be dangerous too. Consequently, it is essential to ensure that you have the right kind of diving insurance to protect you and your family in case of an untoward event or incident. The last thing you want when on a diving holiday is to be worrying about…

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Top diving locations

By adminz / May 9, 2013 /

Diving holidays can be amazing. Depending on where you go, you might be able to see some incredible underwater sights while also enjoying gorgeous weather. However, to get the most from your adventures, it’s important to bear a few issues in mind. For example, it’s crucial that you have suitable diving insurance to help protect…

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Planning for Scuba Diving

By adminz / April 26, 2013 /

Diving is a unique and popular experience that many holidaymakers choose to include as part of their trip. For most divers,scuba diving is something they plan to do in advance, in which case there are several things you should consider when planning your trip. Get the Right Equipment It could be that your hotel, resort…

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What to look for in diving insurance

By adminz / February 9, 2013 /

As a diver, you need to put your safety first. Scuba diving is arguably a high-risk activity and that means it’s important to be prepared, and after you’ve invested in the necessary equipment and safety provisions there’s one more thing you need to consider—insurance. You might think this can go way down the list of…

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Why you need diving travel insurance

By adminz / January 19, 2013 /

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of scuba diving, and if you’re planning a diving holiday you’ve got so much to look forward to. But, to really make the most of it you need to be prepared, and that means investing in appropriate diving travel insurance is something that should never be overlooked. What is this…

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Diving & Travel Insurance and Diving & Life Insurance

By adminz / December 22, 2012 /

How diving affects Travel Insurance Scuba diving can introduce you to a wonderful underwater world and an incredible sensation of feeling weightless. And 2013 is an important one for the activity in that it marks 70 years since Jacques Cousteau and a colleague devised the modern aqualung. Before you set off on your next diving…

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