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Diving Liability Insurance Comparison

Here are the differences in coverage between Sport Diver, Pro Diver and Indigo Liability policies. Share this Image On Your Site </p><br …

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Announcing New and Improved IDEC Benefits

Dive Master’s Dive Accident Insurance, dosage IDEC, has been providing protection and peace of mind to divers for over 25 years …

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The Depths of the Ocean

The Ocean is a big place! Dive down with Dive Master 11,000 metres and find out what is lurking in …

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Dive Master Insurance – Press Release Liability Coverage

Concerns over the Inclusion of Criminal Defence Costs Due to enquiries we have received from existing and new clients and …

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Intrepid scuba diver sets new depth record

Lots of people around the world love donning their scuba gear and plunging into the oceans. However, few such enthusiasts …

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Scuba enthusiasts wed under the waves

Many people love donning their scuba gear and sinking beneath the waves to explore the seas. However,  one couple from …

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Stay Insured and Get Vaccinated

Travelling abroad on a holiday of a lifetime is an exciting prospect until something goes wrong. Unfortunately,  many Britons are …

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What makes Dive Master policies so special?

Our policies include the following benefits which many others may not Diving accident insurance, (IDEC) that covers you at home and …

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Dive Master Sponsors Diving Medical Research

Dive Master are proud to have sponsored two recent studies into the affects of drinking and the use of illegal …

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